Toast began apprenticing with Verno's in the winter of 2007. We loved his name, but we hired him for his talent. Eager to learn new methods and hone his skills, Toast was a quick study and is now developing his art and his range in custom tattoo styling.

He discovered his love of art in high school when he found himself doodling in the margins instead of concentrating on the rules of math and science. "Art, whether it is music, drawing, painting or whatever medium you choose, allows you to bend the rules and put creativity, imagination and a little heart and soul into your work. That's what I try to accomplish with my tattoos – making them unique and raising the artistic bar of tattooing every day."

“I’m leaving a mark on the city I’m working in and on
each individual person I’m working with.”

Toast works well with the clients and does a good job at breaking down what they’re looking to get. He figures out the style of art, position and color that they want by bouncing ideas off of them. He goes through this process because he wants his customers to be proud of their tattoos, since a tattoo is such a big commitment. “I’m leaving a mark on the city I’m working in and on each individual person I’m working with.”

Check out our tattoo gallery to see designs by Toast.

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