Let us help complete your tattoo design.

Here are some of the factors to take into account when deciding on your tattoo:

Do you have an idea of what you want? Have you seen the tattoo that you want on someone else? Do you have an idea you want to convey? Do you have a photograph, sketch or image similar to what you'd like us to capture on your skin? Have you found something from the Internet that you want to show us for reference? We are fine artists, capable of taking anything you bring in and rendering it into skin art. We will create the image you want, in the color you want, with the life you want. Our tattoo artists have captured just about every image or photo that you could imagine.

Are you hoping your tattoo will tell a story? Do you want one that is conceptual? Are you considering memorializing a transition or special event in your life? For example, we have a longstanding customer with two incredibly detailed tattoo sleeves: one that is heaven, the other sleeve depicts hell. We have a mom who has chosen to commemorate the births of her young children by having the image of their tiny feet inked on her body. Others have chosen to depict famous artist's paintings. Still others choose to memorialize a death or come to us to mark important milestones in their lives.

Men and women do not always have a typical tattoo, but some women choose flowers, filigrees, tribal art patterns or butterfly tattoo designs. More common tattoo choices for men include nautical themes, crosses, skulls, Celtic designs, symbols, biker designs or tribal tattoos.

Review our gallery of designs  to get some ideas of what you want. We literally have thousands of designs you can choose from.

What size do you want for your tattoo? Have you looked at other people's tattoos for size? What would you feel comfortable with? Consider that the larger the tattoo, the higher the price.

Where do you want your tattoo? Are you an attention seeker or introverted, because tattoos tend to call attention. After all, they're art. Our tattoo artists have experience tattooing virtually every part of a person's body.

What do you want to spend for your tattoo? The price for a tattoo is about $120 per hour, depending on the tattoo. A small tattoo may cost about $150. At the same time, if you have an amazingly creative idea, this has added value for us as artists, and we may consider lowering the hourly fee.

You're going to have your tattoo a long time. Before you ink, think: Make sure your image has staying power. You may not want to have your girlfriend or boyfriend of two weeks tattooed on your shoulder. Are you committed to caring for your tattoo appropriately?